Upgrade Commercial Security Systems to Take Advantage of the Latest Technology

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Many businesses currently use commercial security systems to enhance business security. Some systems are used to deter crime, to help businesses qualify for a deduction on their property insurance and more. However, many commercial alarm systems currently in use were installed years or even decades ago, and they have not been upgraded over the years. Technology has rapidly evolved for security alarm systems over the years, and you may be surprised at how significantly an upgrade can benefit your business security efforts. As you explore the newest and most innovative security alarms designed for business security use, look for these features. You may decide that now is an excellent time to make an upgrade.

Digital Technology
Many older as well as many inexpensive commercial alarm systems use analog technology. They may capture and retain images in analog format, or they capture analog images and convert the images to digital format for long-term storage. The latter option is called a hybrid commercial alarm system. However, the latest technology captures high-level images in true digital quality, and this yields the best results for image quality and long-term storage alike. If you are thinking about making a positive upgrade to your security technology, look for a digital monitoring system.

Wireless Technology
Many business security systems in use today continue to be hard-wired. This means that you do not have flexibility with regards to where cameras or other security devices are placed because of wiring limitations. More than that, it makes wires easy to identify and even to cut in some cases. Wireless technology is preferred because it gives you the ability to place cameras and security devices in any location, and it may make them less easy for criminals to identify.

Infrared Technology
Many crimes occur in darkened environments, and because of this, the top-of-the-line security systems available for business use today use infrared technology, which may more commonly be known as night vision. This technology allows cameras to easily monitor and track individuals even in the dark, and this is a true benefit for those who are monitoring your system or who need to identify perpetrators after a crime has been committed. Unless your business lights are on throughout the night, you need to use a system with infrared technology.

As you can see, technology has evolved in many beneficial ways for commercial alarm systems. If you are using outdated technology, you may not be securing your property in the best way possible. Through the use of the latest security monitoring technology, you can better protect your property, inventory, staff and more. Look for these features as you weigh the pros and cons of making an upgrade today. The information on the Chubb Edwards website may have additional insights and can provide you with further support.

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