Understanding the Dangers of Faulty Leak Detection Equipment

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If you are one of many manufacturers of packages, you may already have leak detection equipment in use in your facility. Product packaging is typically designed to provide an airtight enclosure around your products, but there are instances when your packaging equipment will fail. In some instances, this may be a one-off incident, but in other cases, it may affect many product packages in a row. Manufacturers of products must constantly be on the lookout for such incidents because of the many risks associated with leaking packaging. Leak detection equipment is used to identify these leaks before products reach consumers.

Microorganisms Could Penetrate Through the Packaging
One of the most significant risks associated with leaking packaging is that microorganisms could penetrate through the packaging. Keep in mind that microorganism are microscopic, so they only need a tiny pinhole in the packaging to make their way through. These microorganisms could easily contaminate the food, which could lead to a plethora of problems. More than that, even air that penetrates into the packaging could result in staleness or spoilage.

Customers Could Get Sick
If bacteria or other microorganisms affect food products, they could cause unhealthy and even life-threatening food poisoning issues. Your customers could ingest contaminated food, and everything from nausea and diarrhea to hospitalization or even death could result. This could create a public relations nightmare for your business, and you likely would be required to conduct a partial or full recall of all packaging from that specific facility over a period of time. Furthermore, the facility may need to be shut down until the leak detection equipment is functional.

Your Company May Face a Liability Lawsuit
When customers get sick or worse from your contaminated products, there is a risk for a liability lawsuit. Your company may be held liable for everything from medical bills and loss of income for time missed from work to funeral expenses and much more if death occurs. Keep in mind that more than one individual may be affected by the contaminated products, and this could even trigger a class action lawsuit against your company. This can be costly and could cause an on-going public relations issue for your company to mitigate.

Manufacturers of packaging must constantly keep these dangers in mind when completing operations in their facilities. The use of the proper leak detection equipment is important in mitigating these risks. With several types of leak detection equipment available, you may need to conduct research to determine which has the best overall ratings and which is most effective for use with your specific type of packaging. Your efforts in this area will be well-rewarded through a mitigation of risk. The FlexPak website is a useful source of information if you require additional insights.

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