The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Restaurant Equipment

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Starting a restaurant or catering business is no easy task. There is a lot of preparations to be made before you can open your doors to customers. Perhaps the most essential of those tasks is making sure that you have the right restaurant equipment. Purchasing kitchen supplies are not only for start-up restaurants, though. Even existing catering businesses have to upgrade their equipment every couple of years or so in order to make sure that they’ve kept up with the latest technologies, ensuring efficiency in terms of food service. Getting the proper supplies will make sure that you’re setting a solid foundation for the success of your restaurant business. Here are a couple of questions you should ask before purchasing restaurant equipment.

Do You Need the Equipment?

Before you buy certain equipment, you should first consider your restaurant’s menu. There are a lot of different types of commercial kitchen equipment even if they are called the same thing so you should know exactly what you’re using it for. For instance, hand-breaded fish and frozen cheese sticks use different types of commercial fryer. Just because a restaurant supply store promises the efficiency of certain equipment doesn’t mean you need it.

Does it Fit Your Budget?

Make sure that the equipment you’re buying is cost-effective. Don’t settle for cheap restaurant equipment that you’ll have to replace again soon. It’s better to delay upgrading the kitchen unit to give you some time to save up for one that’s worth the cost. If you really need a replacement, you can try looking for second-hand kitchen supplies from restaurant supply stores that are more efficient than brand new ones for the same price.

How Much is its Total Cost of Ownership?

The money you spend for restaurant supplies doesn’t end once it’s bought. You also have to consider its installation costs, utility prices, energy usage, insurance costs, and other expenses during the equipment’s lifetime. Make sure that its total cost of ownership is worth the efficiency of the unit.

What is its Capacity?

You should consider the size of your meal servings when buying restaurant supplies. This will help you visualize how big the equipment should be.

What Utilities Do You Have?

It’s very important to check the utilities available in your restaurant before purchasing any equipment, particularly the power, water, and gas. You should know how much current can the circuits handle and the placement and plugs of the outlets. Know the water temperature and pressure, and decide whether you’re going to use gas or electricity as a power source.

There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of research needed when purchasing commercial kitchen equipment. But if done right, the restaurant equipment you buy can provide ease and boost the profitability of your restaurant. There are resources available at Nella Cutlery and Food Equipment Inc if you want more information.

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