Why the Size of Your Leak Detection Equipment Matters

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The use of FlexPak leak detection equipment is critical to the operation of your company. This type of equipment is used to identify air leaks in product packaging. Some manufacturers of packages that uses airtight product packaging may be ready to make an initial purchase of equipment or to upgrade existing equipment. You may review many factors before you make your decision about which equipment model to purchase, such as the method used for leak detection, the cost of the equipment and more. One critical factor to pay attention to is the size of the leak detection equipment. Size matters for each of these important reasons.

The Availability of Space in Your Facility

Leak detection equipment is available in an incredible range of sizes. This includes smaller tabletop models as well as huge freestanding models. Your equipment should be optimally functional for your needs, so it should use the right leak detection method for your type of product packaging. However, it also needs to be suitable for use in your available space. Consider the ideal location for this equipment to be used in your workspace. Ideally, it will be in a location close to the final packaging process in your facility to facilitate its most efficient operational use.

The Size of Packaging the Equipment Accommodates

Some leak detection equipment is most well-suited for small, handheld packages. Other packages may be several feet in length and width. Some equipment, such as small tabletop models, are designed to be used with the smallest packages. Larger products may simply not fit in these models. On the other hand, larger equipment may be used to test larger products, and it also may accommodate multiple smaller packages at the same time. However, businesses planning to use large equipment to test small packages should consider the financial and practical pros and cons first.

The Cost of the Equipment

The size of your leak detection equipment will also affect the cost of the machine. Cost may also be affected by the type of technology found in the machine, the speed with which it works and other factors that may be important to your decision. If you are interested in saving money on your investment of new equipment for your facility, choosing equipment that is most suitably sized for the dimensions of your packaging may be helpful.

Detecting leaks in your product packaging is necessary for many reasons. However, there are a wide range of models to consider as well as various factors to explore as you make your decision. While cost and functionality may be two of the top factors to review, the equipment’s size is also important to focus on. For more information and resources visit FlexPak.

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