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It doesn’t come as a surprise that massage therapy services boomed in today’s society because of the undue amount of stress that we all go through. A massage can alleviate physical pain and reduce anxiety. It relieves stress, improves your blood circulation, and makes you feel better. Whether you are getting Thai massages or sensual massage Toronto, the rules of getting a massage are similar in all offices, and there are certain universal truths your massage therapist wants you know. Let us explore them below.

1. Tell the Therapist How You Want Your Massage

Massage therapists want you to feel better. The problem is that they don’t know how to do that if you have a personal preference. They are trained to help you but they are not trained to read your mind. It is in everybody’s best interest that you tell them beforehand how you want them to massage you.

You can call let the receptionist know when you call to book your massage. Tell the receptionist or the therapist if you want a light touch or a deep tissue massage. Do you want to feel relaxed or do you want to alleviate aches in your back? Describing your intents will help the receptionist match you with someone who can meet your requirements.

2. It’s a Great Idea to Shower Before the Session

For obvious reasons, hygiene is critical. Before you head out for your massage, take a long hot shower. Apart from hygiene, a hot shower opens up your pores and relaxes your muscles. Cold showers make your muscles rigid.

Massage therapists know that clients are less rigid after a hot shower. Therefore, it makes it easier for them to do their job. Besides, the therapists would appreciate a clean body to work with.

3. It’s OK to Expose Your Rear End

Many clients feel uneasy about this. What they do not realize is that massage therapists are professionals. They are licensed and went through extensive training. Your rear end is not the first one they’ve seen and it will certainly not be the last.

To a massage therapist, your rear end is nothing more than another muscle. It’s a part of your anatomy that may need servicing. If you don’t want to get fully unclothed, that’s OK as well. You can simply undress to a degree that you are comfortable with. However, you must remember that undergarments can sometimes get in the way of a good massage.

4. It’s OK Fine to Be Human

Clients tend to feel embarrassed if they fall asleep, drool, or pass gas. This is perfectly normal and massage therapists will not feel bad about this. In fact, they may like it better when you fall asleep because it’s an indication of how relaxed you have become.

Snoring, grumbling stomachs, secreting fluids—all of these are normal. Massage therapists are not around to judge you; they are there to help you. They fully understand that once your body is relaxed, your autonomous nervous system kind of takes over. As a result, many unconscious muscle movements happen—inside and outside your body.

Keep these four points in mind the next time you book a massage.

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