Four Things to Look for When Buying Employee Timesheet Software

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In many businesses, each hourly employee must complete a timesheet showing hours worked and submit it to management at the end of each pay period. Management must then analyze the time on these sheets as an initial step to process payroll. Errors regarding the actual amount of time worked as well as the calculation of work hours are common, and these errors can cost a company a substantial amount of time. Using employee timesheet software may eliminate errors while saving time and money. If you have decided to look for a new employee timesheet software program, focus on finding a program with these top features.

1. Ease of Use

The ideal software program must be easy to use so that it saves employees and managers time every step of the way. While it needs to be easy to use, it also needs security features in place to prevent employees from manipulating their work hours. The best program will streamline the process for all involved while also preventing the possibility of intentional or accidental time reporting errors.

2. Management Oversight

In order to effectively manage your team, ensure that all departments or work areas are properly staffed and avoid paying overtime unnecessarily, management oversight of hourly workers is essential. The best software program lets you view work hours for each employee in real-time. Some of the leading programs may even notify you via a text message or email message when an employee is approaching the overtime threshold so that you can adjust schedules.

3. Payroll Processing Compatibility

Some employee timesheet software programs only enable team members to input their hours into a timesheet format electronically. These programs may tally the hours worked for you with accuracy, but they may not be compatible with your payroll processing program. The best software program works seamlessly with your payroll program to upload timesheet data for easy processing.

4. An Affordable Product

A final and very important point to consider when looking for a new software program to use for time tracking purposes is affordability. The right program used in specific cases could actually help the business to save money in various ways. Nonetheless, the program that you select should be affordable for your budget. Pay attention to the many ways that the features for each program could benefit you before finalizing your buying decision.

While most businesses with hourly employees may benefit from the use of some type of timesheet management software program, the features, functionality and cost of these programs varies. If you have decided to begin exploring the options, understand your needs as a starting point. Then, explore the products available to find a program that most closely meets your needs in a cost-effective way.

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