What Every HVAC Form Should Have

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egardless of whether you want to build your HVAC form or you will purchase one that is ready to print, HVAC forms should all have a few important elements. The servicing of HVAC equipment involves a lot, and as a result, HVAC forms are sometimes complicated. While some items are extremely necessary, others are optional. Below are a few items to include in your form.

Company information
The company’s information is a necessary inclusion to all custom printed HVAC forms, and you should incorporate such information into the top section of the page to ensure your customers find it quickly. Because your clients need to know how and who to contact, make sure you include the following about the company:
• Name
• Address
• Logo
• Website address
• Fax and telephone numbers

Customer’s information
You also need to include your client’s information, preferably at the top. Including detailed data about your customer on your HVAC form is important since it allows members of your service team to know the job-site. Including your client’s information on your HVAC form will also benefit your company when it comes to billing and record keeping. Ensure there is sufficient space if you intend to write this information by hand and make sure you include the following about your customer:
• Name
• Job-site
• Billing street address, zip code, city, and state
• Home and secondary telephone numbers

HVAC equipment information
It is important to include information about the HVAC equipment that is being serviced, particularly when it comes to knowing the parts necessary to complete the current or future service appointments and for warranty information purposes. Some HVAC forms have enough space to include information about multiple units, which might be useful if you service apartment buildings. You will need space to include the following particulars about the HVAC unit:
• Make
• Model
• Serial numbers

HVAC service jobs are likely to require parts. As such, you should ensure you have space to list the parts necessary for the job when purchasing or designing your HVAC form. A detailed HVAC form features separate columns to include the following about the parts:
• Item or description of the part
• Quantity
• Every item’s price
• Total number of parts

A checklist of the services provided
Some HVAC forms entail details of the services offered by a company. Apart from being comparatively more legible than handwritten descriptions, keeping track of the work done is made a lot easier by pre-printed sections. As such, the section meant to describe labor might be considerably smaller if you simply include a checklist of the services provided.

Ensuring your HVAC form entails a section that details the warranty on labor, parts, and equipment is of utmost importance. You should also include the duration that particular warranty is valid for on both labor and parts. Visit the ProntoForms blog to learn more, because they may be able to provide you with the information that you need.

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