Choosing the Right Hydrovac Company for your Project

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Hydro Excavation provides the only non-destructive process of digging and utilizes vacuum system and pressurized water to expose the underground infrastructure in a quick and safe manner. During the hydrovac process of digging, pressurized water is pushed into the ground using a handheld wand. The water liquefies the soil cover, and the powerful vacuum pump quickly extracts the resulting slurry and stores it in the onboard debris tank within the hydrovac. The tank is about 14 yards long and hence can store up tons of the rubble.

Hydrovacs can effectively dig up all soil types ranging from clay to frozen ground, although they will require the use of onboard heaters for safe operation on frozen grounds. Many hydrovav companies own powerful hydrovacs that can excavate up to 60 feet deep at distances of over 600 feet from the truck. This enables operation in areas with limited access.

Why Hydro Excavation is Safer

Hydro excavation process is a safe alternative to traditional digging methods like backhoes, bulldozers, or bobcats. The process has little chance of breaking or disrupting critical underground utilities like electrical conduits, gas pipes, water pipes, etc.

Many electrical distribution, transmission, and utility companies now utilize hydro excavation methods since it saves a lot in terms of repairs, time, and labor cost. Consequently, many hydrovac companies have come up to offer the critical service. Here are some tips to help you choose the best hydrovac company:

Don’t Fall for the Cheapest Bid

Expert hydro excavation will be a little more expensive than the contemporary methods of backhoe or manual digging. The hydrovac is an expensive machine, and the service providers will charge more to compensate for the maintenance costs. Be careful with companies giving cheap offers and ending up digging the hole using a sewer jetters or vacuum trucks with pressure washers instead of a hydro excavator.

Consider Safety

Every hydrovac firm will tell you that they adhere to safety rules, but you need a company that has documented safety policies and procedures. Ensure that the safety procedures are not compromised for speed or cost saving.

Check on Their Experience

Companies with experience will offer maximum output within an hour. Scrutinize the bids to know which company has a more efficient crew. This can be known by the cost per hour against the number of cubic yards they can move per hour. The better the productivity, the more efficient the crew is. From the face value, one firm may look cheaper, but on checking the level of productivity, you may find a better deal with the more expensive but efficient team.

When you hire the right company for hydro excavation that has the right machinery and experience, your site will be cleaner, safer, dryer, and you also save on costs.

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