How to Choose the Right Catering Company for Your Event

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Knowing what the right food to buy is for a large event can be one of the most taxing and confusing tasks you will ever have to complete. Fortunately, there is a five-step process you can go through to figure out which catering service you need. The formula no matter what type of event it is:

Check Your Budget

The very first step you have to take before you do anything at all is check your budget. You cannot serve caviar through a caterer if you only have enough money for a deli item. There is nothing wrong with delicatessen items, by the way. They just aren’t as classy as caviar is.

Judge the Formality

The formality of the event will give you some insight as to the type of food you should serve at the event. For example, chicken wings and celery sticks would be perfect for a post football game event or a frat party, but it may not be appropriate for a wedding or business meeting. If you want to create a feel of elegance, then you need to create that feel all across the board, all the way down to the meal.

Survey the Guests

Another thing that you can do to help figure out the type of food to serve is survey the guests. You can conduct a subtle survey when you send your guest invites. Give your impending guests three choices from which they can choose their favorite type of dish. Their answers should tell you which way to go when you talk to the caterers.

Match the Meals With the Venue

The type of foods that you choose should match the venue, as well. Chilli dogs and nachos can go well with a 99-percent casual event. Oysters and kabobs would be better for something more exotic. You will find that everyone will be more relaxed when everything syncs up than they will be without that positive flow.

Sync Drink and Food With Mood

Finally, synchronize your drink and food choices with the mood that you are trying to create. A wedding is great for Merlot and filet mignon. A sports team event can do well with burgers and soda. An outdoor concert could have lots of chips and finger foods. Try your best to make the food and drink drive the mood for which you desire.

Follow the above-mentioned tips, and you will be able to tell the person which catering services exactly what you desire for your event. There will be no mistakes made about it in the least, and you will have a perfect event so long as you are honest about what you want. Visit Greensville Gourmet if you would like to learn more.

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