5 Things to Know When Accounts Receivable Factoring

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When you decide to get involved with accounts receivable factoring, there are a few details to know.

1. The Value of Your Invoices

One of the first things that you need to know is the total value of your accounts receivables. When you get involved with accounts receivable factoring, it’s all based on the total value of your invoices.The more you have due, the more you are able to obtain from a third party. By knowing the total value, it will be easier to get the funds that you require.

2. How Much You Need

You might not need as much as you actually have in total accounts receivables. For example, your invoices past due might add up to $10,000. If you only need $5,000, you can pick and choose to determine what invoices you want to turn over to have factored. It allows you to stay in control.

3. Fees Involved

A factoring company is going to charge you to get paid on your invoices. They will take a percentage of the total value of your invoices in exchange for paying you on them right away. Not all companies charge the same fees. You should take the time to make some comparisons and know what the cost is before you go ahead with factoring.

4. Additional Fees

There may be all sorts of additional fees charged by a company. You need to be aware of what all of the fees are and what they add up to be. There might be application fees, late fees, and all sorts of others that can add up to become a significant amount of money. It’s best to read through all of the terms and conditions so you don’t get any unwanted surprises down the road.

5. Procedures

You need to find out what the procedures are in terms of what happens to the invoices once you turn them over. The third party should be the one responsible for collecting the money. You can then continue to invoice that client and be capable of collecting all future invoices from them. There may be variances in how companies deal with the invoices. Since it affects your business, you should be ready to ask questions if you have concerns about any procedures.

By understanding more about accounts receivable factoring, you can stay in control at all times. It could be the solution you have been searching for to get your finances back on track.

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