4 Myths (and a Truth) About Sensual Massages

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Sensual massages are a fun, interesting form of romantic and sexual entertainment and relaxation. The sensual massage industry is one of the most mysterious in that most people have an opinion on it, and yet many of them have never experienced it in the flesh. Those people may not want to have that experience, and that’s fine, but what happens is that rumours spread and the concept becomes taboo. Myths about sensual massages get passed around as common knowledge, when in fact they are quite the opposite.

1. Sensual massages are prostitution

This is a myth that gets spread around because sensual massage services often include the sexual climax of the client. This is not, however, the same as prostitution, and it is not illegal for these services to exist. Sensual massage services are legally available as a premium source of adult entertainment and relaxation. These services only get compared to prostitution because of the misconception that all sensual experience is equivalent to sex, when in fact these experiences lie on a large spectrum of different things.

2. Sensual parlours are dirty

Sensual massage services exist only to please their clients. This means that any professional and legitimate massage parlour will be clean and welcoming. Even the décor will likely be agreeable. The massage parlour is looking to make the client as comfortable as possible during their sensual massage. Some parlours even have special themed rooms, hot tubs, and other interesting and special decorations and features to please their valued clients

Hint: Don’t be afraid to do a little research to find out where the best sensual massage services in town are offered – this will ensure you find a professional, clean, trustworthy location.

3. Sensual massages are impersonal

The misconception goes that because the client doesn’t have a close personal relationship with the masseuse, that the massage and sensual experience is impersonal. That’s not necessarily true. Just as with any relaxation or spa service, clients will often return to a sensual masseuse if they were happy with the services they received. But regardless of whether the client has never been before or has been back 10 times, the masseuse’s job is to make the experience personal, sensual, fun, and relaxing. Every sensual massage is unique, and that in itself makes it a very personal experience.

4. All sensual massages are the same

In fact, sensual massage Toronto can include a lot of different things. Some can be a simple massage while others can include showers or hot tubs. Other massages can include two or even three different masseuses. Other massages again can include the masseuse playing to the client’s specific fetish or other special requests. No, not all sensual massages are the same. The truth is, the massage parlour is trying to excite the client with new, interesting, and exciting services. Sensual massages are whatever the client wants them to be, and can include any level of excitement or “vanilla” that the client chooses.

Truth: Sensual massages are sexually liberating

If sensual massages are one thing, they are definitely a situation where the client is able to freely express themselves sexually, not necessarily through sex, but through expression and arousal, relaxation and fun. Sensual massages are not a place for judgment or shame, but for entertainment and excitement.

In a much more literal sense, these massage parlours will normally not keep extensive personal information about their clients, and take many measures to keep client involvement with their services private so that clients do not need to worry about what other people think, and can freely enjoy their sensual massage in peace.

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