4 Most Attractive Promotional Products for the Hospitality Industry

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Promotional marketing is essential for every business; more so, the food industry because it keeps your restaurant or hotel top of mind for your target clients. Most hospitality businesses are usually puzzled with the kind of promotional products to use to market their brand or remain relevant in the ever-changing or growing food industry. Stakeholders in the food industry need to go through this article to get unique ideas on the most attractive promotional products that will work best for their businesses.

1. Branded plates

Think about the positive impact or image created when you serve your meals on a branded plate for your clients to take home. Your client will be feeling excited to take home a branded plate of his or her favorite’s restaurant or hotel. The beauty of this promotional product is that other people at home or in the office will get to notice your business through the branded plate, which means that you reach an extensive range of people than other promotional methods. The type of branded plate you give away to clients will depend on your style. Also, to avoid overdoing this promotional item, you can serve the branded plate for a unique item of a standard size.

2. Reusable bags for leftovers

You need to stop sending your guests out of your business holding plastic or paper containers and begin placing the containers in a promotional bag. You can consider giving them a branded hot pad, pen or fridge magnet on top of the branded reusable bag, and you can be sure your customers will be excited after getting the bonus. Alternatively, you can also place a coupon in the reusable bag inviting your guests for a discounted dinner, and they will certainly plan on revisiting your business in future.

3. Umbrellas

Umbrellas are also one of the most common promotional products for the hospitality industry. Even if this gift is an expensive one for the business, the impacts are felt for a long time, and most clients will appreciate umbrellas especially during the rainy season. Besides, you can loan your clients an umbrella as they head out of the door. You can also give them a coupon as a way of encouraging them to return the umbrella as they enjoy more of your services or delicious meals.

4. Cups, mugs, and glasses

You need to give your clients branded mugs, glasses or cups that are of good quality so that you create the right image of your business. Most restaurants or hotels preserve such promotional products for special events, such as house drinks, unique wine vintages, or special coffee concoctions. These gifts during special events help in cutting costs while at the same time creating a long-lasting image of your restaurant to your clients.

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